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Donate your time to bringing the world of service dogs and bio detection dogs to the notice of others.

We need puppy raisers, classroom assistants, even cleaning and maintenance of the areas where the dogs live and the training academy.

Just sharing everything we post on Facebook and helping us keep the page alive, active and relevant is helpful. With enough voluteers we could start a discussion group.

If you can't spare the time, then donate toward the raising of a service dog.

Be A Puppy Raiser

There is nothing better than puppy breath, puppy kisses and the patter of litte furry feet! If you have at least 4 hours a day that you can devote to a puppy or two, are willing to follow our rules, never say NO!, and come to puppy class once a week, we need you!!

Classroom Assistent

You can still help raise our puppies, and the older dogs, without having to spend 4 hours a day interacting with puppies in your home.

Come be a helper in the puppy classroom, assist in public access events and outings, and help our adolescents learn obedience and tricks and hone their incredible noses.

One hour per week or one hour per day, your choice.

Asset Maintenance

Caring for dogs is not always fun. Dogs chew, pee, poop, shed, get filthy dirty and create messes everywhere just walking through a yard.
Even just one hour a week would help us make a dent in the mess!!

Help with Social Media

We have various pages on Facebook, discussion groups, Instagram pages, MeWe pages and discussion groups, Linked In and the blog. Help us keep these alive, active and relevant !

Animal Care Volunteer

Get down and dirty and help us keep the puppy whelping boxes clean !!

Or just drive the pups to their vet visits.

Community Engagement Volunteer

Set up events and parties showcasing our pups and what they can do for the disabled.