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Here are some words from our awesome clients. Its the clients that make a business, not the employees or the owners. In our case our clients are mostly the dogs, but the humans learn an incredible amount as well.

The picture to the left is a long time client all the way back to when we were still Seize The Leash. Juanita has brought 7 or 8 dogs to us for behavior, basic obedience, Rally Obedience, Fitness and Rehabilitation, puppy learning games and will probably continue to bring her dogs and foster dogs to Access To Service until she needs a service dog of her own !


So grateful. Martina’s story is reaching people all over the world. The United States, all of the UK, articles and shows in different languages in Russia, Poland, Italy, France, Romania, Germany, Canada etc. News outlets such as Inside Edition, MSN, major Network’s in NYC, Fox News, The Times, daily mirror, the Sun, the Daily Beast, YouTube and we have been approached by parenting magazines to do articles and a producer is interested in doing a documentary/series regarding Martina’s story and about Caiomhe’s trainer and her facility, and requests for interviews from both national and international news places. The list goes on and on. Martina has personally answered most of the people who have reached out to her that are asking for guidance and help, she has directed them to websites and doctors and she has referred them to her dog’s trainer, Jamie Robinson. Martina has spoken with people who feel lost and hopeless, and given them hope. We are also trying to set up a foundation to assist others who have MCAS to get service dogs, and we have our very own, amazing artist Arianna Morse Baker working hard on a logo for the foundation- always supportive, patient, and hilarious making us all laugh, and ultra protective of her sister. Herb doing the things necessary to keep the house together and a presence which is reassuring. I had no idea how much our lives would change 2 1/2 years ago, and I would do anything to have Martina completely healthy again as it is little things daily which then add up. Such as today Martina had to give up one of her absolute favorite yogurt drinks because for some reason she reacted to it when she never has in the past. I don’t know why I cried privately over a yogurt drink but guess what!? Caiomhe was right there, touching her hand, alerting to her face telling her time to take your meds, snuggling close to let her know she’s not alone, someone who understands, someone protecting her. So thankful. What a journey. 💕 

I for one have gotten rid of my frustration with my lack of training ability which was also directed at Benen as an offshoot. Life is much more fun now for both of us. I don't think I've ever laughed or giggled so much during training sessions than I do now. We are much closer for it and I am seeing him with a whole new set of eyes and heart. Gone is the pressure of succeeding or being perfect, because now I realize it is all about the foundation of trust, love and understanding. In that we have had major improvements, and it is much more about the changes in me than in Benen. I believe he was ready and waiting for me to get to this point to begin our life together.  

 It seems that many trainers and owners expect their dogs to learn at a faster rate than our children and that our relationships should be on par with that. This class has taught me that building a relationship is a lifelong journey, accepting and growing together through it all. Embracing our dogs genetic traits is to understand them and accept them for who they are. By golly, they accept us and love us for who we are with all our little quirks and foibles.

 As much as I wish this had been my first class/lesson with Benen, I am thankful it came sooner than later in our life together. :)) I am in Jamie's Relationship class. For me, it's where I should have started two years ago when I got Benen. But better late than never. Fantastic course and I have become a much more relaxed, fun, observant and informed trainer and person. Pressure and frustration are a thing of the past. We are living in the moment. And it's flowing over into all areas of my life. I believe I was my biggest obstacle with Benen. We are both better for it. And tuning into a whole new way of training for me is crazy cool. You are right about being sure you can keep up with a class before taking on another. Jamie was a big help for me with that. Relationship, last two weeks, is doable alongside this. Jamie gets a real good feel for us too and what we may be capable of.

Jamie's approach is different from anything I have done before. I was impressed at how quickly we made progress. There are a lot of games and exercises but she helped narrow it down by what she saw in our baseline videos. She tweaked things based on what we did or said. She does not give all the steps right away because it is tailored to each team and their needs and their journey. I am still processing all of her material.

This is the best class I have taken. I have learned so much about how my dog thinks and behaves, and this class gave me the tools to address everything from body part sensitivity to reactivity. I have seen dramatic improvements already, sometimes within a day of doing the games in the class, because I am finally understanding my dog better and working on her terms. I have Jamie to thank for our progress, she has been tireless and providing feedback and encouragement. Jamie gives 100%+ to this class (even before the class officially started, she was helping us out!), cares about all her students, and really wants both human and dog to thrive. I highly recommend this class to anyone with a dog!  

This class not only taught my dog to make choices (and choose me!), it also strengthened our relationship. While learning to make choices and not take off running after prey, we had a lot of fun playing the games. Through the games I was also able to address other issues my dog has (reactivity, frustration) because my dog is able to think through her arousal a lot more than she was able to just a few weeks ago. Jamie is an excellent at explaining the theory behind the games, provides feedback promptly, can adapt the games based on your specific dog's needs -- she really cares about her students! I can't wait for part 2!  

Jamie has been assisting me with socializing my greyhounds to other breeds. They (and I) are doing so much better since we’ve been working with her. I have also attended Jamie’s dog behavioral classes [NOTE: as the photographer - not a student - and seen incredible improvements from a number of fear-aggressive dogs. I would recommend her to anyone.