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Officers and Administrative Staff and Trainers

Access To Service is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.  As such we have a board of directors who are intimately involved in training, raising puppies and spreading the word about service dogs.

Jamie Robinson

President and Head Trainer

Jamie Robinson has lived with and worked with dogs, cats, horses, and parrots for nearly 40 years. In the early days before the wealth of information on the internet, our trainer apprenticed under several local trainers in San Diego, Ca; Anchorage, Alaska; and Pinellas County, Florida. All those trainers were a variation of Monks of New Skete, Volhard, CW Meisterfeld, and Barbara Woodhouse.

In the late 80’s to the early 90’s our trainer adopted an Australian Shepard named Princess. This led our trainer to explore the agility arena and she started learning new training techniques and methods of handling behavior issues. This started a journey now known as “crossing-over.”

In 2004, our trainer moved to Tucson, Arizona and started developing a cutting edge philosophy and the methods to go along with it. This new methodology is called Structured Game Training and has its basis in the type of training done in the agility world, mostly by Susan Garrett. Structured Game Training lends itself to every aspect of training and behavior and creates a dog who can perceive and resolve the problems and puzzles of living in a human world.

At this same time Jamie discovered the world of Service Dogs when she starting suspecting that she was diabetic.  From this eventually came Access To Service Corp.

Currently Jamie has self-published several books: Snake Avoidance Without Shock, Play Your Way to an Obedient Dog and Making Choices Managing Prey Drive. All the books explain Structured Game Training and use games to achieve results in snake and other dangerous critter avoidance and teaching dogs how to live in our flat, complicated, multi-faceted world. The Trainer has also published several booklets designed to help dog owners handle specific issues in the every world of having dogs. Issues such as counter surfing, loose leash walking, fitness, separation anxiety, leash reactivity, and many more.

Nicole Taylor

Public Relations and Assistant Trainer

Dogs have always been an important aspect of Nicole Taylor’s life. Growing up she was raised with 2 or 3 dogs in the household at all times. After graduating from high school, she chose to attend the University of Arizona planning to get a bachelor’s degree in Physiology. College did not go as planned for her. was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and depression. The panic attacks were becoming disabling and her psychiatrist suggested she began researching service dogs to see if she would be interested in adding that to her treatment plan. Nicole decided she would like to begin searching for a suitable puppy to begin training. While conducting her search, life decided to add another twist to her struggles.
In Feb. of 2017, Nicole suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Shortly afte,r she began to have seizures. Multiple tests were run and nothing abnormal could be found to explain the seizures. The team of neurologists diagnosed Nicole with a conversion disorder called Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES). Her panic attacks were manifesting as seizures. She was forced to take a medical leave from college. Getting a dog to train as her service dog was a priority. In March of 2017, Nicole adopted a Belgian Malinois mix puppy named Gordon. She worked with Gordon on his basics, but realized she would need a professional’s help.
Nicole contacted Jamie Robinson and started Gordon in her courses right away. Going to Gordon’s classes and doing the homework everyday ignited Nicole’s passion for working with dogs. She quickly realized that training and working with Gordon was the happiest she had ever been. Nicole asked to apprentice under Jamie and has not looked back. After a year working as an apprentice she was promoted to Assistant Trainer. Under Jamie’s guidance, Nicole has successfully trained Gordon as her service dog and has helped clients train their service dogs. Nothing brings as much joy to Nicole as helping handlers learn how to communicate with their dogs. Having a service dog is about working as a team and it is vital that the humans learn how to listen to their dogs.
It is Nicole’s mission to spread the word about the amazing tasks service dogs can be trained for using force-free and scientifically proven methods. She believes that using the least invasive method promotes long-lasting results with your dog’s skills and encourages confidence in every situation. Her goals as a trainer are to always listen to the client and the dog, strive to educate herself, ask questions of her peers and mentors, and ensure she is using the most positive and productive methods possible. She owes this to herself, the dogs she is training, the clients she teaches, and the dog industry as a whole. 

Melody Burkhart

Tresurer and Puppy Raiser

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Devon Spencer

Asset Manager and Puppy Play Mate

Devon Spencer grew up on a ranch in a small town in Arizona. From the age of 4 he was already learning how to care for and raise various animals. He has cared for and raised cows, chickens, goats, cats, horses, and dogs. By the time he was eleven years old he was working in agriculture, tending to a nearby stable. He worked for multiple ranches and other businesses from then on, doing ranch hand work all the way through high school.
He moved to Tucson in early 2015, where he worked for a landscape construction company, as well as in retail and food service.

In 2016, Devon rescued an abandoned blue pitbull mix, who shortly after she was brought home, showed the symptoms of Parvovirus. She was treated and survived. Now she’s a happy, healthy dog named Iris.

By 2017, he had made the acquaintance of Nicole Taylor, who introduced him to the world of dog training. Devon sought the help of Nicole to help him train Iris. He has since helped Access to Service Corp. with various projects and moves throughout Tucson. He has become an essential part of the team. In late 2017, Devon was employed by local law enforcement in Tucson, but he still manages to assist Nicole and Jamie with their project dogs and building much needed training items for them.

Devon’s calm demeanor and experience with animals makes most dogs drawn to him. He loves handling and working with the puppies to ensure that they have positive experiences with men. His goals are to help prepare the dogs for success in any capacity he can, raise awareness about the importance of service dogs, and inspire others to volunteer to be puppy playmates. 

Sherry Whitfield

Creative Consultant

Sherry owes her strong streak of practicality to her background in business. Based near Tucson, Arizona, Sherry has extensive experience in business as a consultant and has owned several businesses, including a wellness center and five nature themed art and gift galleries. She has owned several different small businesses, and was the General manager of Norman Brumm & Co., Inc. whose galleries specialized in nature inspired art & gifts with an extensive collection of crystals and minerals.

Sherry has long been interested in the potential of the internet for commerce, and has been active in online buying and selling on eBay and other web sites since 1998.

Sherry lives in the mountains in an old house, that needs a new coat of paint... ;->
She enjoys the numerous wildlife, clear starry nights and the peace. She loves animals and has several animal friends, including a number of dogs, one cat, several fish and dozens of birds. Wherever Sherry goes, a dog or three will likely be following. :-D