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Everything we do is done with volunteers and sponsors. The dogs we train in house live with us and puppy raisers and all medical, food, equipment and supplies are provided via donations.

We have scholarships set up for those who are low income, on fixed incomes or just can't seem to raise the money any other way and deserve a service dog. All our scholarship recipients rely on our sponsors to assist them in training and care.

Funds are needed now to help with the scholarship fund and for raising and training future service dogs.

Simply Donate

Food for a Month

One Time donation
$ 25
Help out a growing puppy with food for a month.  
  • We feed what we consider the highest quality kibble with lots of raw/cooked vegetables, fruit and of course real meat.

Food for two months

One Time donation
$ 50
Help out a puppy with food for two months or two puppies for once month
  • Puppies grow fast !  At 8 to 10 weeks they get 4 meals a day, from 11 to 16 weeks they get 3 meals a day. Each of those meals is the same amount they will eventually get per meal as an adult dog.

Food and Medical for a Month

One Time donation
$ 100
This donation covers the shots and boosters and food for a month for one puppy
  • Service dogs especially need to be fully vacinated and many times needs to keep a valid travel health certificate.  A puppy gets four boosters in the course of 3 months.  

Sponsor A Dog

Monthly donation for 1 year
$ 200monthly
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  • Many of our clients struggle with the cost of training a service dog.  We offer alternatives if they live in Tucson, but many live elsewhere and have a difficult time traveling.  So we offer scholarship programs for those deserving clients who struggle.  Your monthly sponsorship goes a long way to help one of these clients secure their dog.


Every little bit helps.  If you can only do $1 that is awesome!    

$ 1
Choose your donation amount when the screen pops up!!