Canine Emotional Detox Workshop

Diane Garrod

Diane Garrod is a PCT-A (professional canine trainer – accredited), with a degree in Communication and Journalism from University of Wisconsin.  

Garrod is a Founding Member of the Pet Professionals Guild: the association of force free pet professionals (PPG). She is Owner of Canine Transformations Learning, Langley, Washington (celebrating 12 years, January 2019), awarded 2016 and 2017 Best Business category Dog Trainer by Langley, WA Awards Committee. 

Garrod has skills certifications in resource guarding, animal behavior, theriogenology, writing for the sciences, fear in dogs and cognition and emotion. 

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Dogs Detoxing

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About the seminar

Topic: Stress Matters! The Canine Emotional Detox: first systematic stress release protocol  Sequence of Learning: 

Morning – What is CED – understanding stress and how it applies to dogs                                  

Afternoon – How to use it – where to start, basics of process   Stress in dogs is a reality trainers face working with highly challenging dogs. Challenging dogs are defined as those who are distressed, or chronically/acutely stressed. These are the dog reactive dogs and the dog human reactive dogs, as well as the environmentally sensitive dogs, the multi-dog household fighting, fear aggressive dogs and more.  

The stress release protocol provides a deeper understanding of distress and how it affects learning and behavior.  Stress release is a key piece to assist challenging dogs in adjusting to a behavior modification protocol and/or a skills applications process.

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