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Caoimhe (Keeva)

Caoimhe (pronounced Kweeve or Keeva, It’s an Irish name that means “gentle, beautiful, precious.” Couldn’t be more fitting and an apt description of both Keeva and Martina.) is a boxer/afghan mix born December 26th, 2015.  In January, 2019 Caoimhe was matched with Martina Baker as a service dog.

Here is their story.

Martina Baker has Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.  This "disease" is a host of symptoms and no actual disease has been discovered yet.

We all have mast cells in our immune system to help protect us against various invaders. With MCAS it’s like the immune system is constantly on high alert and something that never bothered you before can cause an allergic reaction, from itchy skin to anaphylactic shock.

If you see Martina out in public, it’s possible she’ll be wearing this mask. She gets reactions from people and comments that are sometimes unkind and downright rude. If her sister Arianna is with her, watch out!

Martina's triggers include fake perfumes including those in body wash, shampoo and candles, cleaning product smells, marijuana, over excitement, certain foods and spices amoung other things.  These triggers can change from day to day and month to month. Caoimhe has been specially trained to alert to Martina's histimine levels to catch the changing triggers before a trip to the ER is warranted.

Caoimhe's first alert was minutes after their first meeting in the airport

Martina and Caoimhe meet for the first time

On January 5th, 2019, Caoimhe and trainer Jamie Robinson of Access To Service Corp, left Tucson.  After two layovers, one in Atlanta and one in New York, they arrived that evening in Portland ME and the waiting arms of Martina and her family.

Scent training on Martina's histimine levels

At the Access To Service training studio, Caoimhe learned to alert to Martina;s histimine levels from two shirts that Martina sent us - one during an event and one during a normal day.  Here is Caoimhe indicated the correct scent and then alerting on the trainer.