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Our Available Dogs

These dogs are fully trained in the nessasary obedience and have passed their public access test.  Some dogs are task trained for mobility, stability, assistance, diabetic or seizure alert.  Other tasks would need to be trained.

All our available dogs can be pre-adopted with a down payment and monthly payments until you take the dog home.  All available dogs are also always looking for sponsors.


Gillian is a Mini-Australian Shepard / Welsh Terrier Mix.  She was born on January 1st, 2017.  She will be approximately 30 lbs full grown. She is being scent trained with an emphasis on blood sugar and will be available in September 2017.


Elsa is a poodle mix about 30 lbs.  We think she was born around January 2016.  She is being trained as a hearing alert dog and will be available sometime in September 2017.


Camilla is a Labrado Retriever.  Camilla was born August 29, 2016 and will be around 75 lbs when full grown. Camilla is being trained for assistance and mobility and will be available sometime in October 2017.