Learn how to train your dog to perform the tasks you need and not hours and hours of obedience instruction that has nothing to do with your needs.

Study under instructors who know the field from personal experience. We all have our own service dogs.

Study in your PJs if you wish, there are no rules.

Most of us are on fixed incomes due to our disabilities.
These courses are affordable and the homework only takes 5 minutes at a time.

Train using games that are designed to teach your dog and you while you both have fun.

Service dogs bring freedom to their partners 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. A person partnered with a service dog has full public access rights as granted by federal law (The Americans With Disabilities Act), which allows them to take their dog into all public facilities. Service dogs are never separated from their human partners! A competent service dog program spends two years preparing each dog for its working life. Service dogs must be physically sound, temperamentally stable, happy working partners.

Medical Detection and Alert Dogs use their incredible noses to sense bio-chemical changes in your body. Every change has an attached smell. If we can isolate that smell, we can train your dog to detect it, alert you to its presence and help you reduce the effects of whatever condition is causing it.

Our classes are each 6 weeks long. You can upload videos, pictures, graphs or diary entries and your instructor will assist you in handling any challenges you are having in training your medical alert dog. There is a discussion area for each class that will allow you to look back 3 months to other discussions for help and tips. You have access to the materials of each class you take for up to six months, indefinitely if you continue to take classes with Access To Service and the Medical Alert Dog Academy.

All modules are 6 weeks long and $100 each module. Because we allow access to past class discussions,. You will also have the benefit of our real life students joining in the discussions and submitting videos.

If you wish to only do self study - have access to the games and exercises only, each module is $35. The Self Study attendance does not have access to student videos or discussions. Self Study is separate and can be done at any time.  


Core training includes sit, down, come, heel and stay; but it is so much more for a service dog.


Training a dog in public manners is much more intensive then training a pet dog not to jump on guests. There are over 100 items that a dog must be trained for on most Public Access Tests


Dogs lives by the nose. I personally think they categorize the entire world by each items scent. As humans we use sight, sound and touch much more then we use our nose.


PTSD, Panic Disorders, Autism, and a host of other mental health issues can benefit from having a service dog.


Hearing dogs are trained to alert their owners to common sounds like doorbells, oven timers, smoke alarms, telephones, babies’ cries, or alarm clocks. Hearing dogs make physical contact with their masters, nudging or pawing them to get their attention.  


Bracing, Pulling, Leading, Crowd Control, Balance assistance, Preventing Falling and Fainting Injuries,  Finding Exits, Finding the Car, Finding Help Safely


Our program is designed for those who are already fear free trainers of pet or sport dogs and wish to get into the rewarding field of Service Dog Training.