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Be Of Service

Access to Service is a non-profit serving those who love service dogs, those who train them and those who have them. We are currently applying for our 501(c)3.

Access to Service is an educational organization dedicated to bringing the world of service to others

We can show you how to acquire and partner with an assistance dog; learn about disability and public access laws, sources of financial aid, assistance dog organizations in your area, canine care, and more.

Be Of Service

There is a difference between "Being of Service" and "being a servant". To Be of Service means that you're joyfully giving according to your ability and what you are giving comes from the heart. Being a servant means that you're giving or doing out of obligation. Also keep in mind that doing for someone who doesn't want or need you to is not service, it is a form of control.

To notice a need and step forward assist, be of service. This is done no matter if noticed, thanked, appreciated, recognized or not. The service being great, it's done still. It's unconditional and done with care and love. I do simply because. .


We spread the word about these amazing animals.
But we can't do it alone.

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